8Pack OrionX and MDPC-X

8Pack OrionX MDPC-X cable sleeving

When you pack everything into a system, which is at the top of the game in terms of performance and quality, you speak of high-end.

When it comes to the hardware of such systems, there will be better, faster and stronger almost every month and especially year over year. Only one thing does not change since 2007 ...

When it comes to the cable design and protection in the worlds most advanced and beautiful systems, you will typically (if the builder can truly choose independently from sponsors or other affiliations) find the one and only legendary product, which you all know:

  • MDPC-X cable sleeving
  • 100% made in Germany
  • no compromise in technical quality and colors
  • the one and only unique cable sleeving product

Today we are happy to see that one of today's most powerful systems is making the news around the world - not just because of the price tag of 30.000€ (well, you get even two systems in that package). Build by the famous overclocker 8Pack, sold exclusively by our MDPC-X Stores Overclockers.co.uk and Caseking.de, it of course includes MDPC-X in any color you want.

Each 8Pack OrionX is custom sleeved by one of our exclusive MDPC-X Custom-Sleeving-Services:
James Churchill at Pexon-PCS in the UK.

Enjoy your system and cable art, no matter if it is a 30€ upgrade or a 30.000€ investment. Be creative and independent in your choices!