Atomic-Green Cable Sleeving: ... and another Green World Premiere!

ATOMIC-Green Cable Sleeving (world premiere + early adopter discount)

MDPC Atomic-Green cable sleeving: The medium neon green shade with the perfect balance. Absolutely opaque and still extremely fluorescent with a super fresh appeal and intense contrast. Atomic-Green is the official follow-up version of our traditional Toxic-Green, which we produced from 2008 to 2016. A comparison photo between the new Atomic-Green cable sleeving and Toxic-Green shows you the subtle but effective differences in appearance.

Atomic Green cable sleeving by MDPC-X

Atomic-Green cable sleeving is now available in SMALL and SATA sizes, found in the cable sleeving category and soon in some MDPC-X Stores around the world.

Enjoy and ... go green!

Nils | MDPC-X Germany