Corona Information page

This list is updated constantly:

  • Update 24th June 2021:
    Regular DHL is enabled again for Canada, now providing the complete offering from regular Post, DHL and DHL Express to Canada. The experience since our 14th April update with regular letter mail shipments to USA and Canada has also been successful, with shipping times mostly between 7 to 20 days, including time at customs.
  • Update 14th April 2021:
    As a test, we again offer the cheap letter mail solution for the USA and Canada. It can be fast, it can be slow - it shouldn't matter to you.
    Tracking is almost non existent and should also not matter to you. Once it says "at export center of Germany / at Frankfurt / or similar", it means that it can already be at customs of your country.
    Once it is released from customs, there might be an update in the USA.
    In Canada, there is never an update until arrival. Only use this method if you know that you don't need tracking.
    This offering is only for easy and relaxed people in the USA or Canada!
    Search enquiries are not allowed by us to be placed before 2 months have passed anyway.
  • update 2. January 2021:
    UK shipments are possible again with all our offered methods (regular mail, DHL and of course DHL Express). UK is not part of the EU anymore, which means that all prices are now without VAT for UK shipments. UK shipments will go through customs from now on, which can delay shipments (DHL Express should be the choice for extremely quick deliveries). You can also buy directly from our UK distributors and sleeving services.
  • update 21. December 2020:
    Now offering DHL-Express for the whole world.
  • update 21. June:
    USA: We stop offering regular low cost letter mail and DHL to the USA until they have solved their massive Corona-based problems. US customs and USPS (fullfillment for DHL within the USA) is currently extremely slow for regular DHL (premium) shipments, taking up to 2 months plus minus.
    Until then, we exclusively offer DHL-Express to the USA. Instead of waiting for 2 months, you will typically get your shipments within a week. Please also contact Titan-Rig if you want to order products.

Status: MDPC-X is fully operational! :)

  •  MDPC-X operates at a 100%. Production, processing and shipping out the packages is at full speed as always (all within 24 hours during the week).
  • Shipments within Germany still arrive within 2 business days in most cases.
  • Our international MDPC-X stores are also 100% operational. With our distributors, you can always place your orders locally in your country / region.

If your country is not found in the lists below, all is normal for you (except potential delays within your country).

In many countries though, postal services, customs and border controls affect delivery and handling times: Currently the shipments from Germany to the following countries are affected by Corona.

At the moment Deutsche-Post and does not allow shipments to your country via low cost letter mail. DHL and DHL-Express is possible. You can also visit Skippy's Custom PCs if you want to order products.

At the moment Deutsche-Post shipments are not offered, because a) time at customs can be too long for most customer and b) Canada Post doesn't provide tracking within the country. DHL shipments are not possible at the moment as they use sea freight and we don't want to do this to our customers. DHL-Express is possible. Please also contact Titan-Rig if you want to order products.

New Zealand:
At the moment Deutsche-Post does not allow low cost letter mail shipments to your country. DHL and DHL-Express is possible. You can also visit Skippy's Custom PCs if you want to order products.

Our small package offerings via Deutsche-Post are currently not handled by the postal services. Regular DHL would take 1-3 months and we don't want to do this to our customers. Only DHL-Express can be chosen right now. During the week we typically ship within 24 hours after the order is placed and it then takes about 3 business days to arrive in your hands. You can of course order MDPC-X in the USA directly at Titan-Rig USA.

The following countries have currently closed their postal services for incoming international packages from Deutsche-Post / DHL:
If you are from one of the following countries, please use our global distributors (international MDPC-X stores) in your region if you want to place orders from these countries:

  • currently there are no other countries with restrictions :)

This list is updated whenever any restrictions change.