Crimp-Terminals ATX, PCI-E, EPS and Fan connectors

Original MOLEX crimp terminals for ATX, PCI-E, EPS and fan connectors are now available for end-users and professionals. You find all current offerings in the new crimping tools and crimping terminals section.

These crimp terminals combined with the legendary MDPC Crimping-Tool will bring you the world's highest quality crimping results in every technical aspect. We guarantee a quality which can not be exceeded: No compromise, no tolerances by MDPC-X and the MOLEX company. When you own the original Pin-Remover / extraction tool by MOLEX for Mini-Fit-Jr ATX crimp terminals, you will see how easy it is to work with pins and connectors if it's all original MOLEX. Enjoy the maximum!

MDPC-X Crimping-Tool ATX Mini-Fit-Jr "the human factor*"

*Hand filed to absolute perfection by Nils Papke | MDPC GERMANY

MDPC-X Crimping-Tool ATX Mini-Fit-Jr

MDPC Crimping-Tool ATX Mini-Fit-Jr

Crimp terminals ATX Female Mini-Fit-Jr.

Crimp terminals ATX Female Mini-Fit-Jr

Crimp terminals ATX Female

Crimp terminals ATX Male Mini-Fit-Jr.

Crimp terminals ATX Male Mini-Fit-Jr

Crimp terminals ATX Male

Crimp terminals FAN Female

Crimp terminals FAN Female

Crimp terminals FAN Female

Original Pin-Remover for ATX Mini-Fit-Jr by MOLEX, signed & checked

Pin-Remover ATX Mini-Fit-Jr by MOLEX

 Pin-Remover ATX Mini-Fit-Jr by MOLEX

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