Vive la republic, vive le MDPC-X France!

For all our French mon ami, we are honored to present le French Store of MDPC-X in France, powered by France’s high-end computer systems and components store, lead by le fantastique Frenchman Simon Priou at GAMERS-INDUSTRY.

Almost every modding enthusiast and professional computer builder in France bought MDPC-X from us directly since 2007. In all these 10 years, many people from France asked us to open a store directly in France.

We spoke with multiple candidates, who wanted to do it by themselves as a one-man company, but decided that a 100% reliable service - over the long term - can only be guaranteed by a very experienced company with multiple employees. 

Now the time has come and you can finally get our legendary MDPC-X products in your own legendary country. Based in France and of course shipped from France, you will experience a first-class service in French language by Simon Priou and his magnificent team at

100% made in Germany, 100% made for France, 100% made for people who are not willing to compromise on quality and colors, just to save the last few cents by taking Chinese items. Join la famille de MDPC-X France and enjoy Simon Priou and

When you order from MDPC-X France, please pass on a "Salut, merci, j'taime and vive la France! :D" from us to Simon and his people - they will love it and take care of you with the best possible and professional service you have ever experienced in France.

Vive la republic and a lovely merci from us to all magnificent computer- and cable-artists in France who we met in the last 10 years!



Visit the new MDPC-X Store of France at