MODDERS INC honors MDPC-X cable sleeving

"Overall, I would rate MDPC as the highest grade when it comes to sleeving, as Nils oversees all the manufacturing in his shop in Germany, compared to other vendors that order from China.
After using MDPC since 2009, the quality has never changed and it looks and feels the same the same as when I first began sleeving."
MODDERS INC, October 6th 2016.

This is the conclusion by Joe Angel Mercado, master of PC cable sleeving and 100% independent professional sleeving service, who used every available sleeving product in his 7+ year career.
Enjoy the full article about the history and evolution of cable sleeving at MODDERS INC.

Thank you from Germany to the USA. To us at MDPC-X it is an honor to see the fresh and unbiased confirmation in October 2016 from MODDERS INC after countless products and companies tried to compete with MDPC since 2007 in the PC cable sleeving market. Leading for 10 years can not be achieved with marketing, networks or sponsored reviews, but only by constantly delivering perfect products. We never compromise in what we do and will not do so in the future. 10th Anniversary of MDPC-X is coming in 2017 and we will continue to impress and surprise you.

MDPC-X | Cable Sleeving 100% made in Germany

MODDERS Inc. rates MDPC-X as best cable sleeves