New: Blue-Carbon cable sleeves

Our latest addition to the composite class of our cable sleeves: BLUE-CARBON.

Blue-Carbon cable sleeves are a composite design of Blackest-Black and B-Magic. Absolute perfection in every technical and color aspect make this cable sleeve design highly attractive in every project where blue is a key element. From closer viewing distances you will see the composite structure of these cable sleeves and the beautiful contrast of both elements. From greater distances you will see the resulting mixture of both colors as a pure darker blue shade. Enjoy the high-tech look of Blue-Carbon cable sleeves in your projects.

Made in Germany like no other, made for designs like no other.

Get the new Blue-Carbon cable sleeves by MDPC-X now!

You can order Blue-Carbon cable sleeves directly from us and of course you can also get MDPC-X Cable Sleeving products in even smaller quantities and directly in your continent / country through our global MDPC-X Stores. Blue-Carbon is available as SMALL cable sleeves, XTC cable sleeves and as MEDIUM cable sleeves.

Enjoy our quality and your creativity!


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