New: Diamond-Red cable sleeving

The new MDPC Diamond-Red is a dark red shade which showcases pure elegance and class.
Diamond-Red is the super luxurious and absolutely pure dark red cable sleeving of MDPC - as always a class of its own in color and quality.

Diamond-Red Cable-Sleeving by MDPC-X: The next 100% unique color on this planet, only by MDPC-X Germany, 100% made in Germany. We provide to you the one and only unique and non-Chinese sleeving production within the computer / PC cable sleeving market. More and more professional sleeving services drop their chinese materials in order to switch to MDPC-X, even professional sleeving services in Asia. Constant quality in every aspect and advantages in usability through expandability and the resulting rigidity (elimination of all wobbles in a wire even on longest distances) are only two of multiple reasons for the independent professionals to choose MDPC-X over anything else. "No compromise" is our trademark philosophy since 2007 and we always deliver what we promise since then and we will do so in the future.

Get the new Diamond-Red cable sleeving by MDPC-X now!

You can order Diamond-Red directly from us and of course you can also get MDPC-X Cable Sleeving products in even smaller quantities and directly in your continent / country through our global MDPC-X Stores. Diamond-Red is available as SMALL cable sleeving and as MEDIUM cable sleeves.


Enjoy our quality and your creativity!


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