New: NV-Carbon cable sleeving

Another world premiere, available now! NV-Carbon cable sleeve is ready for you.

The composite design of NV-Carbon is a combination of Shade-19 with the extremely UV-reactive Atomic-Green. It was originally made for Michael Braaten, master custom cable maker of MOD-ONE. Now you can use this fantastic combination in your very own designs too. Enjoy NV-Carbon!

Unstoppable since 2007, the original cable sleeving at color and technical quality like no other, made in Germany.

Get the new NV-Carbon cable sleeving by MDPC-X now!

You can order NV-Carbon cable sleeve directly from us and of course you can also get MDPC-X Cable Sleeving products in even smaller quantities and directly in your continent / country through our global MDPC-X Stores. NV-Carbon is available as SMALL cable sleeving, XTC cable sleeve and as MEDIUM cable sleeves.

Enjoy our quality and your creativity!


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