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Cable sleeve Carbon-Gold

Carbon-Gold cable sleeve by MDPC-X: Luxury understatement for your custom cable design.
This is a masterpiece in hybrid cable sleeving design.

Cable sleeve Gold

This is MDPC-X Gold cable sleeve, not too yellow, not too brownish: Just perfectly right and as close as it gets without using real metal!

Cable sleeve Code-Red

The most extreme red cable sleeve: Code-Red! This extremely bright red cable sleeve is highly fluorescent under slightest UV exposure in natural daylight.

Cable sleeve Orange-Carbon

The latest cable sleeve color: Orange-Carbon is a hybrid cable sleeve design, which mixes Papaya-Orange with Blackest-Black.
Oxide-Orange is the latest color creation for our cable sleeves. This orange cable sleeve shade works superb in combination with all grey shades.

New: MDPC-X Sample-Packs

We are happy to introduce our MDPC-X cable sleeve sample packs. Our sample packs include about 50 centimeters per cable sleeve color. Each color is either included as SMALL, XTC or MEDIUM cable sleeve size.
Blue-Carbon cable sleeves are a composite design based on B-Magic and Blackest-Black. This beautiful high-tech blue combination is another demonstration of our perfection in the manufacturing of cable sleeves made in Germany.
Red-Carbon cable sleeve is the combination of Italian-Red and Blackest-Black. This combination results in a very stylish dark red from a far viewing distance. At close viewing distance, the composite style dominates the optical result.

New: Haze Grey cable sleeve

This super light grey shade fills the gap between our White and Platinum-Grey cable sleeves. Haze-Grey is a very light Magnesium grey shade, which can be used in every combination with all our MDPC-X cable sleeve colors.
The composite design of NV-Carbon is a combination of Shade-19 with the extremely UV-reactive Atomic-Green. It was originally made for Michael Braaten, master custom cable maker of MOD-ONE. Now you can use this fantastic combination in your very own designs too. Enjoy NV-Carbon!
Transparent cable sleeve allows you to totally unleash your creativity in custom cables design. You can make use of the underlying cable color, you can paint fancy designs on your cables, add stickers underneath or do whatever your inspiration tells you to do. The transparent cable sleeve will fully protect the cable design underneath, both technically and visually.

New: Hook-up wire

To celebrate our 10th anniversary of MDPC-X, we have finally decided to also provide to you our vision of the ideal stranded hook-up wire for custom cables and of course for our cable sleeving - 100% made in Germany. Read more ...
White-Carbon XWP is the synergy of high-tech and elegance in one single cable sleeving. The XXX-White strands add an amazing UV-reactive effect. Because the Platinum-Grey strands are not UV-reactive, you will look at glowing stripes in the darkness. Cable sleeving like no other at a quality like no other, 100% made in Germany! Read more ..

New: Area-51 cable sleeving

This is the extraterrestrial color of MDPC-X, codename Area-51. When you think it's a neon yellow, hold something yellow next to it. When you think it's a neon green, hold something green next to it. Magic for you! Read more ..
After Papaya Orange, we herewith present the logical addition to complete the most legendary racing color scheme since the raw 70s: GULF-Blue is now a reality! Read more ...
Let's open the MDPC valves for new products and colors in 2017. Here we go with our latest color creation, the purest orange shade within the spectrum: Papaya-Orange! Highly UV-reactive and of course the peak of today's cable sleeving manufacturing from base-material creation to final production, 100% made in Germany. Papaya-Orange is now available to all of you! Read more ...
Willkommen in Deutschland, welcome to Germany!
Ab sofort hat Deutschland seinen offiziellen MDPC-X Sleeving Service. Bei Julian Hesterberg könnt ihr auf Eure Wünsche gefertigte, gesleevte Kabel kaufen. Keine Kompromisse, keine Einschränkungen. Unser deutscher Sleeve auf in Deutschland gesleevten Kabeln. Weiterlesen ...
Here we go with the first new product in 2017: Carbon-BTI cable sleeving. Initially manufactured by us on special request for our Australian MDPC-X Store Singularity-Computers, we have the great pleasure to bring it to all of you. We have entered our 10th Anniversary year and Carbon-BTI is just the beginning of many things to come. Read more ...
Vive la republic, vive le MDPC-X France!
For all our French mon ami, we are honored to present le French Store of MDPC-X in France, powered by France’s high-end computer systems and components store, lead by le fantastique Frenchman Simon Priou at Gamers-Industry. Read more ...

8Pack OrionX and MDPC-X

8Pack OrionX: High-end hardware always changes but one thing does not change since 2007 ... MDPC-X cable sleeving is always part of these systems. Read more ...
We are honoured to present the MDPC-X cable sleeving store of Thailand: OREIONcustom in Bangkok, Thailand. OREIONcustom is also specialized on custom sleeving services and has earned a legendary reputation over the last years. Read more ...
Last but not least in 2016 - the final color for this year! XXX-White is the most extreme white cable sleeving which we ever created here at MDPC-X Germany. Extremely fluorescent at UV-A blacklight and extremely intense at daylight influence. Under these conditions it is the most intense white in the world of white cable sleeves. XXX-White will blow you away if you are looking for the most hardcore variant of white. There was no other choice than calling it XXX-White. Read more ...
The next one - for you! Perfect-Pink is the most beautiful neon pink shade in the color spectrum. Our Perfect-Pink cable sleeving color is spot on and extremely fluorescent at UV-blacklight. The fluorescent properties also add an extra intensity boost under natural daylight. Perfect-Pink was created to change the public opinion about pink. Read more ...
Here we go again! Let's turn your designs into a masterpiece with the most beautiful light blue shade cable sleeving: Riviera Blue by MDPC-X! This highly fluorescent UV light blue cable sleeving is the most attractive light blue shade you can imagine. Riviera Blue is a legendary blue shade, which is found on our most beautiful sports cars from Germany. It can't get any better than this when it comes to light blue.
PEXON AUDIO & PEXON PCS has returned home to MDPC-X! The PEXON Cables Company is a global legend in the custom cable sleeving world. Our good old friend James has started his career with MDPC-X in 2011 and turned his hobby into a profession with global recognition and highest reputation. PEXON is especially famous for the exotic Keyboard-, Audio-, USB- cable sleeving solutions and custom sleeving services. Read more...
"Overall, I would rate MDPC as the highest grade when it comes to sleeving, as Nils oversees all the manufacturing in his shop in Germany, compared to other vendors that order from China. After using MDPC since 2009, the quality has never changed and it looks and feels the same the same as when I first began sleeving." ...
Here we go with our latest color creation for our cable sleevings: Mellow Yellow! This yellow is the most beautiful warm yellow shade. Super smooth, super rich, super relaxing, free of harshness ... it's just mellow and of course highly fluorescent!
Original MOLEX Mini-Fit-Jr crimp terminals for ATX, PCI-E, EPS and fan connectors are now available for end-users and professionals. Combined with our legendary MDPC Crimping-Tool, you will have the world's highest quality crimping results. No compromise by MDPC-X and the MOLEX company.
Diamond-Red Cable-Sleeving by MDPC-X: The next 100% unique color on this planet, only by MDPC-X Germany, 100% made in Germany - the one and only non-Chinese sleeving production in the computer cable sleeving market! This is the most luxurious dark red MDPC Cable-Sleeving color, as always a class of its own which you will agree with.
Already the next green? Of course! Atomic-Green, the latest color of our MDPC-X Cable Sleeving, as always 100% unique on this planet, 100% made in Germany, 100% beautiful.
The latest color of our MDPC-X Cable Sleeving, as always 100% unique on this planet, 100% made in Germany, 100% beautiful.

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