PEXON AUDIO & PEXON PCS has returned home to MDPC-X! The PEXON Cables Company is a global legend in the custom cable sleeving world. Our good old friend James has started his career with MDPC-X in 2011 and turned his hobby into a profession with global recognition and highest reputation. PEXON is especially famous for the exotic Keyboard-, Audio-, USB- cable sleeving solutions and custom sleeving services.

While MDPC-X was closed from 2015 to the beginning of 2016, he (and all other services) had no other choice than to use the generic Chinese sleeving products. With the return of MDPC-X to the public, it was natural for PEXON to return to MDPC-X as well. It is fantastic for PEXON, their customers and us to see that they bring you the one and only globally unique cable sleeving product again: 100% made in Germany, 100% made for unique companies like PEXON and their unique clients.

Experience the perfect customer service by James, Davina and family at the PEXON Cables Company. Enjoy envisioning and getting your own mindblowing custom cable artworks realized with MDPC-X cable sleeving. And now … fly over to the UK and visit the official PEXON AUDIO and PEXON PCS website:


MDPC-X Germany