Power-Cable Blackest-Black

Power-Cable Blackest-Black
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Content: 1 meter

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This uncompromising MDPC-X sleeved power-cable comes in MDPC-X Blackest-Black PET(X) sleeving... more
Product information "Power-Cable Blackest-Black"

This uncompromising MDPC-X sleeved power-cable comes in MDPC-X Blackest-Black PET(X) sleeving and is made to last for more than a lifetime. Every single component of this sleeved power-cable is made in Germany. Hand assembled and tested by ultra-perfectionist Martin Schmitz of Solidstrands Kabel-Manufaktur. A cable like no other to bring power to systems like no other.

Attention: Right now we only offer the european CEE7/7 connector in lengths of 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm and 300 cm limited to XXX-White and Blackest-Black.

Attention 2: This power cable is a relatively heavy item, which might increase the weight-based shipping cost quite quickly.

Do you need other lengths, colors or connectors?

If you would like to have other lengths, other sleeve colors or other connectors compatible to your country on such a power cable, please contact the maker and custom sleever Martin Schmitz of Solidstrands.de, he will be happy to consult you and make everything possible.

No compromise in every aspect.

  • Every component is made in Germany: Crimp terminals, wire, cable, connectors and of course the cable sleeve
  • MDPC-X MEDIUM cable sleeve is melted over the ends of the cable insulation inside the connectors, impossible to ever get loose
  • PET(X) sleeving by MDPC-X, not fraying like "cotton" cord materials
  • H05VV-F 3G1.5 wire, made in Germany
  • Ultra robust connectors, IP44 rated, made for up to 16 A/250 V AC, made in Germany
  • Ultra clean assembly quality on the inside and outside
  • Ultra strong and robust cable with a beautiful thick outer diameter of 8.5 mm including the cable sleeve
  • No more wobbles in your cable, shape it as you want with tight bends, smooth curves or nice straights
  • Assembled in extremely limited numbers by Martin Schmitz of Solidstrands.de Kabel-Manufaktur, VDE tested
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