Black Rivet Dome Head 500x

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  • RI-DH-BK-500
Black Rivets Dome Head 500x MDPC-X black dome head rivets, made for the common 3.0 mm to 3.2... more
Product information "Black Rivet Dome Head 500x"

Black Rivets Dome Head 500x

MDPC-X black dome head rivets, made for the common 3.0 mm to 3.2 mm (1/8”) holes, have the best possible surface quality. The paint on these black dome-head rivets is flexible and therefore the color does not chip off, when the rivet body expands! This is a huge difference to standard black rivets.

What does Dome-Head Rivet mean?

Dome-head means that the head of the rivet will sit on top of the objects surface, opposing to countersunk-head rivets, which would need a specially prepared conical section in the top of the hole. A dome-head rivet can be used in any standard hole. The head of our dome-head rivet is exceptionally flat.

How thick can the parts be which I connect with the black rivets?

You can connect parts with a total thickness between 1.5 mm and 3.5 mm.

Which drill size do I need to remove my old rivets?

Just take a 3 mm to 3.2 mm (1/8") steel drill and drill vertically into the head of the rivet. We recommend a very slow drill speed and medium pressure. Be prepared for the moment when the rivet breaks through, so that you don't ram your drill head into your object.

Where do I get a rivet-tool and how do I set these black rivets?

You will find a rivet-tool in every building supplies store for very cheap prices. Just ask the staff for a rivet tool. The process of setting the rivets is one of the most relaxing duties in computer modding: Just open the rivet tool, put the little stick of the rivet into the head of the tool, place the rivet in the case hole, press the arms of the tool together, the stick breaks off and the rivet is in place. To get the stick out of the rivet-tool, just spread the arms of the tool to its maximum and the stick will fall out. To protect the surface paint of the rivet and your object, just feed the stick of the rivet through a tape or paper before you insert the rivet stick into the tool, so the tape or paper is between rivet head and tool head.

Included in this package:

500x black dome-head rivets for computer cases with flexible paint

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