FAQ about shopping at MDPC

Thank you for visiting our FAQ, which helps you and us to be as efficient as possible when it comes to our future communication.

Can I log in with my old account from the previous MDPC-X shop system?

No. The old accounts, which were registered at the old MDPC-X shop system (2006 to 2014) could not be transferred into our new shop system of 2016. Just create a new account and enjoy the new possibilities and options with our new shop system! :)

Why don't I receive an email from MDPC-X, why is it in my spam-folder?

MDPC-X emails sometimes land in the spam folder of your email application. The reason is the "-X" in our domain name, we believe. We always reply very quickly via email, but if you have not looked into your spam folder, we can of course not do more on our side.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure to add our domain cable-sleeving.com or @cable-sleeving.com to the white-list of your email application, so our emails do not land in your spam folder. Otherwise, you should always check your spam folder, if you expect an email from us.

I am a regular end-user, can I order directly from MDPC-X too?

Of course you can order from us and we will be more than happy to process your order.
Just register, log in, put items in your shopping-cart, go to checkout and hit the buy-button. As soon as your payment has arrived, we will ship to you as fast as possible.

Can I get smaller / different quantites than you offer in the shop?

We can only provide the quantites as you find them in the shop, smaller or different quantites are not possible. For even smaller quantities than we offer, we have installed a global network of MDPC-X Stores. These outlets can directly ship to you from the same region / continent as you live in - or even directly from within your own home country. Have a look at our official MDPC-X Stores around the world.

Do the MDPC-X Distributors charge the same prices as you did in the past?

We have asked all of our official partners to not increase the resale prices over the ones which we charged in the past, when we were doing small quantity end-user business by ourselves. We are happy to confirm: The majority of our official partners is indeed only charging the identical prices as we charged in the past.

Do you offer cable-sleeving services, can you sleeve my cables?

We do not offer such a service directly, but many of our MDPC-X Stores around the world offer cable sleeving services. Just take a look at our global custom cable sleeving services. Enjoy the world's best professional sleevers, each one a legend within the communities while being super nice and absolute enthusiasts by heart. No compromise is what they all have in their DNA and that's why they are in the global team of MDPC-X cable sleeving services.

Can MDPC-X sponsor my project, I heard you never did?

In all the years since 2007, we never sponsored any projects, because we did not want to manipulate what people say about MDPC-X, only because they got free items from us. In the end, almost everyone who wanted to get a sponsorship, then just normally bought from us and they - not surprisingly for the audience of their projects - all praised our products and services, 100% honestly and believable.

Now that the reputation of our product quality is more than undisputed after so many years, our MDPC-X partners can now support projects with sponsoring, if they deeply believe in your idea and concept.