Payment methods

We are offering 2 payment methods for regular customers, proven to work perfectly since 2007: PayPal and Payment-in-Advance (wire bank-transfer).
A 3rd payment method, Payment-against-Invoice, is only available to a few of our MDPC-X B2B partners.


PayPal is the fastest of all payment methods, as the order can be paid instantly! It is easy, quick and secure. You can connect your credit-card or bank-account to your PayPal account. Currency conversion to our Euro (€) prices is 100% automatic, no matter what currency is used for your PayPal account. Super easy for you, super easy for us.

Payment in advance (bank wire-transfer)

You will wire-transfer the money from your bank-account to our bank-account at Deutsche Bank. You will get our complete bank data when you have placed your order, via the order confirmation email. Make sure to mention the order-number within the bank-transfers comment field, so we know which order the payment is for.

  • European customers: If your bank does SEPA transfers, there will be no transaction fees. Almost every country in Europe supports SEPA and therefore our customers from Europe often use Payment in advance (bank wire-transfer) as their payment method.
  • Non-European customers: If your bank does not offer SEPA transfers, make sure that you choose to cover all transaction fees on your and our end. As soon as the full sum has arrived in our account, the order will be shipped.
  • For non-European customers it is often easier to use PayPal. It also avoids trouble with incomplete sums arriving in our account, due to transaction-fees.

Payment against Invoice

This payment method is only available to some of our exclusive MDPC-X B2B partners. For orders with payment against invoice, payment is due in full within 14 days of receipt of the merchandise and the invoice, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. Payment will be done by doing a wire bank-transfer.