Custom cable sleeving services

MDPC-X Custom cable sleeving services

Custom cable sleeving services - let the best ones work for you!

MDPC-X brings you the world’s best professional sleevers - at your service!

Custom sleeved PC cables and extensions:

Custom sleeved Audio cables:

Custom sleeved USB and mechanical keyboard cables:

Custom sleeved Power cords / AC plugs:

Custom sleeved Ethernet cables:

Complete custom PC systems incl. custom cables:

Only the legends in the sleeving world become official MDPC-X sleevers

Since MDPC-X started the global cable sleeving trend in 2007, some of our oldest customers turned their cable sleeving hobby into a profession, because they were the best cable sleevers from day one on and other enthusiasts simply asked them to offer their sleeving skills as a service. Over all the years, they have earned the reputation of being the world’s best custom cable sleeving services with their massive experience, endless passion and natural perfectionism. Everyone who will work for you is like you: An enthusiast by heart, 100% dedicated to MDPC’s no compromise philosophy!

The MDPC cable sleeving masters have a name, face, voice and reputation. They are in every aspect the opposite of the anonymous "sleeving slaves" sitting in Chinese factories, who just work for their bosses and not for you. With the MDPC cable sleeving services, you will directly work with a true master who does it for you. 100% of the income goes to the sleever who gives everything to make you happy.

The next level for custom sleeved cables: No limits. No compromise!

The sleeving services go far beyond basic aspects like “length and color”. You envision it, they make it! Any cable or tube sized object can be custom sleeved, not only the typical custom PC cables or custom Audio cables. If it can be sleeved, they will sleeve it for you. If you have no idea what’s possible, they will consult you. If you are at your limit, they will bring you further.

Enjoy our people and their custom cable sleeving services! Make sure to visit their websites and social media accounts to see their art of cable sleeving.