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MDPC-X Custom cable sleeving services

Custom cable sleeving services - let the best ones work for you!

MDPC-X brings you the world’s best professional sleevers - at your service!

Custom sleeved PSU cables and extensions:

Custom sleeved Audio cables:

Custom sleeved Ethernet cables:

Custom sleeved Power cords / AC plugs:

Custom sleeved USB and mechanical keyboard cables:

Complete custom PC systems incl. custom cables:

Only the legends in the sleeving world become official MDPC-X sleevers

Since MDPC-X started the global cable sleeving trend in 2007, some of our oldest customers turned their cable sleeving hobby into a profession, because they were the best cable sleevers from day one on and other enthusiasts simply asked them to offer their sleeving skills as a service. Over all the years, they have earned the reputation of being the world’s best custom cable sleeving services with their massive experience, endless passion and natural perfectionism. Everyone who will work for you is like you: An enthusiast by heart, 100% dedicated to MDPC’s no compromise philosophy!

The MDPC cable sleeving masters have a name, face, voice and reputation. They are in every aspect the opposite of the anonymous "sleeving slaves" sitting in Chinese factories, who just work for their bosses and not for you. With the MDPC cable sleeving services, you will directly work with a true master who does it for you. 100% of the income goes to the sleever who gives everything to make you happy.

The next level for custom sleeved cables: No limits. No compromise!

The sleeving services go far beyond basic aspects like “length and color”. You envision it, they make it! Any cable or tube sized object can be custom sleeved, not only the typical custom PC cables or custom Audio cables. If it can be sleeved, they will sleeve it for you. If you have no idea what’s possible, they will consult you. If you are at your limit, they will bring you further.

Enjoy our people and their custom cable sleeving services! Each one has additional specialities on top of custom PC PSU cables and we will now give you a quick overview about "who and what they do". Make sure to visit their websites and social media accounts to see their art of cable sleeving.



Custom Sleever: James Churchill
Country: England, UK, Great Britain (global service)

James is a legend in the custom sleeving world. He belongs to the very small group of people who started sleeving right at the beginning when MDPC-X started the sleeving trend. Since so many years he is sleeving professionally and his reputation is at 100%. Only people who constantly live up to the highest expectations of the client are able to achieve this. James offers highly specialized custom sleeving services besides the PC sleeving services, which make him extremely unique in the global market: Custom sleeved audio cables, custom sleeved USB cables and micro-USB cables, custom sleeved mechanical keyboard cables and a wide range of unusual solutions will amaze and inspire you. Say hello from us to James and Davina!

Main sleeving services:

  • Custom sleeved Audio cables
  • Custom sleeved Keyboard cables (for mechanical keyboards)
  • Custom sleeved USB cables
  • Custom sleeved PSU cables / Custom PC cables




Custom Sleever: Kevin Keating
Country: USA (global service)

Kevin Keating is part of the Keating family, which ran the famous CaseLabs PC case company. In 2015 Kevin opened his new company MOD-ONE in order to bring you the best in computer modifications and custom PC cables. He quickly took over the enthusiast market in the USA when it came to cable sleeving and custom cable making by offering highest quality and reliability. In September 2019, MOD-ONE merged with Titan Rig to allow for an even greater selection of options and possibilities now and in the future.

Main sleeving services:

Website: &
Facebook: &



Custom Sleever: Garett Fraser
Country: South-Africa (global service)

Garett has finally fulfilled his dream and opened his custom sleeving company Beyond-Customs. He has been the first one to offer custom sleeved Ethernet (LAN) cables in any length and any color. His background as a network technician has naturally turned him into a cable-modder. Now he offers his expertise to you and combines his technical knowhow with a great sense for design. He has already earned an excellent reputation within a very short time - not only because of very affordable prices and excellent quality. Contact him and find out why!

Main sleeving services:

  • Custom sleeved Ethernet cables / LAN cables
  • Custom sleeved PSU cables / Custom PC cables

Website: (go to the "custom sleeving" category)



Custom Sleever: Martin Schmitz
Country: Germany (global service)

Germany, home of the legendary MDPC-X cable sleeving production and now also home of Germany's number 1 custom sleeving service: Solidstrands by Martin Schmitz. Martin brings all German skills to the table: Precision, perfectionism and absolute reliability in every aspect. No matter if you just need a single sleeved cable, a sleeved extension or a completely custom made power-supply sleeved cable kit, Martin will do it all for you. No limits, no compromise.

Main sleeving services:

  • Custom sleeved PSU cables / Custom PC cables / Custom power cords / Custom Ethernet cables / Custom Audio cables / Custom USB cables




Custom Sleever: Sittiphan Suasakul
Country: Thailand (global service)

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on earth and Sittiphan makes it even more beautiful by creating Asia's most beautiful custom cables. Sittiphan is a sleeving machine who does not seem to ever sleep. Sleeving day and night with passion and absolute precision, his output is nothing less than massive while always at the perfect level you expect with MDPC-X. We always wondered how someone in Thailand can have so many sleeving jobs day by day, but when you experience his service quality you will not wonder about it anymore.

It is interesting to note that the people of Thailand, while being located so close to China, want German MDPC-X cable sleeving instead of generic Chinese products - no matter if they could save a few cents per meter. For us at MDPC-X and OREION it is an honour to provide our products and custom sleeving services to the people of Thailand - directly from Thailand. Enjoy the excellence and beauty coming from Thailand to your door!

Main sleeving services:

  • Custom sleeved PSU cables / Custom PC cables




Custom Sleever: Toru Sekiguchi
Country: Japan (global service)

Banzai! Toru has been one of the very first sleevers in Japan, when cable sleeving was basically unknown before 2010. He has now opened the first custom sleeving service in Japan for PSU and PC cables. With his extreme skills and precision, he gives you what Japanese craftsmanship stands for: Perfection and passion. He is also one of the first in the MDPC team to offer custom sleeved Ethernet cables. Say “Konnichiwa” from us when you contact Toru and enjoy the Japanese style a lot!

Main sleeving services:

  • Custom sleeved PSU cables / Custom PC cables
  • Custom sleeved Ethernet cables / LAN cables

Website: (contact Toru for custom sleeving requests)



Custom Sleever: Daniel Cannon
Country: Australia (global service)

Almost everyone knows Daniel because of his stunning and innovative computer builds: A living legend in the computer modification world! He started when MDPC started and used MDPC-X in every PC build since then. He can create any possible custom sleeved computer cables for you and is also able to build you a complete custom made PC system including 100% custom made sleeved cables. He is the man for custom PC systems and even if you cannot make use of his services yet, he can give you a lot of knowledge for free. Follow Daniel on his daily updated video channel and you can learn so much from him about PC modding and custom cable sleeving.

Main sleeving services:

  • Custom sleeved PSU cables / Custom PC cables / Custom power cords / Custom Ethernet cables
  • Complete custom PC systems incl. custom cables