Shipping methods and costs

Advice: If you need smaller quantites than we offer, please visit our official MDPC-X Stores around the world!

Shipping globally - starting at 9,70 Euro (globally) or 6,99 Euro (within Germany) - always with tracking and insurance

We are located in Germany (EU) and ship to every country in this world. Inner German orders are always shipped with DHL, starting at 6,99€. Global orders start at 9,70€ if you select Deutsche-Post registered letter mail. From this lowest possible price the cost for shipments go upwards according to the raising weight and value of your order. Of course you can always choose DHL (and DHL Premium) too. For the extremely urgent needs, we offer DHL-Express to countries where it makes a big difference in shipping time.

Which countries does MDPC-X ship to?

We ship to every country on this planet. Just create an account in our shop and place your order. All is very easy, as if you order within your own country. Since 2007, we have shipped MDPC-X products to almost every country on this planet. With our extensive experience in international shipments, we know how to take perfect care of customs-declarations and documents, so you do not have any unnecessary troubles in terms of time and money. Of course you get a shipment-tracking-number as soon as the order has been shipped. Once the payment for your order has arrived at MDPC-X, it usually takes less than 24 hours until the box is handed over to the shipping company.

How can I see the shipping costs to my country?

If you are already registered at MDPC-X and logged in:

  1. When you are registered and logged in, you automatically see your specific product prices (no more 19% VAT included if you are not in the EU).
  2. Whenever you go to "CHECKOUT" and have products in your shopping-cart, you will see the shipping-costs (for your product selection) to your country.

If you do not want to register yet, but want to see your prices and shipping costs, just do the following:

  1. Add your items to the shopping cart, by going to the product and then hit the "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" button.
  2. When you have all products in the shopping cart, click on the "EDIT SHOPPING CART" button in the sidebar. The sidebar appears when you click on the shopping cart icon on the top right of the website.
  3. After you clicked the "EDIT SHOPPING CART" button, you land on a page, which gives you an overview about the products in your cart. Now you can choose your country-, payment- and shipping-method at the bottom left of the page. You will then see the shipping costs and total costs for your products.
  4. If you are not from the EU, you will then even see the product prices without 19% VAT, because you do not have to pay any VAT then! A good surprise when your products are suddenly ~19% cheaper :)

How are shipping costs calculated and what else do I need to know?

Shipping costs are calculated by weight & value of the products in your cart. For most countries, we have an upper-limit of 20 Kilogramm per order, so the boxes are not slowed down by being too big. If you have exceeded the weight-limit for your country, you will see a message during the checkout-process. In this case, just remove some items, until a shipping-option is available again. You can then of course order the removed items with a new, separate order.

Which shipping company is used?

DHL / Deutsche Post. We do our best to offer very fair prices for excellent service, while exclusively using highly reliable shipping-companies from Germany. We had only 2 lost packages since 2007. In case a package would go missing, you would never lose a cent of your investment, we would always refund the money or re-ship the ordered items, as soon as the package would officially be declared as lost by the responsible postal services.

What is the difference between DHL and DHL-EXPRESS?

DHL is supposed to take the fastest possible route and be treated with highest priority from beginning to end in the DHL shipping process, BUT it does not affect time at customs (DHL-Express will make this much quicker).

Customs is the most time consuming part in the whole shipping process. If you are not in the EU and need the shipment extremely quick (within a few days / a week), you should choose the super fast DHL-Express.