MDPC-X B2B merchant registration.

Please note: You will continue to see the regular retail offerings until your B2B merchant account has been verified by us. Before you register a B2B merchant account, it is best to contact us in advance. Because of existing exclusivity agreements in some countries / specific markets for the current year, it can be that we do not accept your registration at this time.

Please send us an introduction of your company + your business license in PDF format by email.

Please send us a precise introduction of your business and why you want to become a B2B customer of MDPC-X together with your business license in PDF format:

Only the most dedicated companies will become part of the MDPC B2B team!

Once you are selected to become a member of the MDPC-X B2B team, we will activate your account after verification.
You will then receive a confirmation email. From then on, you will see the B2B offerings.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to add our domain or to the white-list of your email application, so our emails do not land in your spam folder. Otherwise, you should always check your spam folder, if you expect an email from us.

If your application had to be rejected because of existing exclusivity agreements, we will of course inform you too.

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