Black Heat-Shrink 4:1 SMALL

Black Heat-Shrink 4:1 SMALL

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  • HS-S2-BK
30 cm (1 ft) of MDPC Heat-Shrink 4:1 Black. If you need larger quantities of Black heat-shrink... more
Product information "Black Heat-Shrink 4:1 SMALL"

30 cm (1 ft) of MDPC Heat-Shrink 4:1 Black.
If you need larger quantities of Black heat-shrink SMALL, please use the separate offering in the heatshrink SMALL Spools category.

This is the next generation of our 4:1 heat-shrink - made in Germany exclusively for MDPC-X of course - replacing the Anthracite heat-shrinks which we offered from 2008 to Q1 2019. It improves what was considered world's best already, with its increased heat resistance, a beautiful smooth matte surface and extreme overexpansion capabilities (for an extreme shrink ratio of > 6:1).

This 4:1 heat-shrink is made for easiest application over SMALL or XTC cable sleeving. The big initial inner diameter (ID) of 7.5 mm gives you total clearance while putting the heatshrink over the sleeving. At initial ID its ultra thin wall (no glue, no dual wall!) has a thickness of only 0.2 mm, ideal for traditional shrink style sleeving techniques with SMALL size cable sleeve on AWG 18 and AWG 17 wires. Shrinking down to one fourth (4:1) of its initial ID, it reaches 1.75 mm, which is needed for AWG 18 and AWG 17 wires.

The true magic of this new generation heat-shrink is the massive overexpansion capability. With a long nosed plier inserted into the heatshrink to widen the inner diameter, you can easily and safely reach an ID of 10.0 mm - a shrink ratio of 6:1! This huge initial ID to minimum ID (still shrinks down to 1.75 mm ID) difference will allow you completely new approaches in a variety of situations.

This heat-shrink has a dielectric strength of 22 kV/mm and an initial shrink temperature (Min) of only 90°C. The constant operating range at temperatures from -60°C to +140°C allows it to be used safely in many environments. Its extremely good short term resistance to fire is especially important for the “shrinkless” melting technique.

Enjoy a class of its own when it comes to heat-shrink.

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