Cable-Comb BLACK C-14

Cable-Comb BLACK C-14

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  • CMB-BC-14
The black cable comb 14-pin in CLOSED version is ideal for black or dark grey sleeved cables to... more
Product information "Cable-Comb BLACK C-14"

The black cable comb 14-pin in CLOSED version is ideal for black or dark grey sleeved cables to blend in perfectly without major visual distraction. Of course you can also use transparent cable combs in order to achieve a non-obtrusive look. The black cable comb in CLOSED version is made to hold your cables absolutely secure. You can only insert the sleeved cables into the cable comb while one end is not in a connector. Alternatively you can use the OPEN combs, which can be attached to sleeved cables and be taken off of them at any time.

Only the most advanced, latest generation acrylic materials are used to achieve an amazing strength at a thickness of only 2.9 mm. This reduced cable comb thickness is the key for our cable comb philosophy that the obtrusion of the cable sleeving flow is minimized by the application of combs. Cable combs should only serve the function to guide your cables only as much as absolutely necessary and be used as minimal as possible.

The CLOSED cable comb holes have a diameter of 3.8 mm, which naturally limits your sleeved cables to an outer diameter of 3.8 mm in order to fit into the cable comb. MDPC-X cable sleeving adds 1.1 mm to 1.2 mm to the outer diameter of your wire. Combined with MDPC-X 15 AWG wire (2.50 mm OD), you have a perfectly matching diameter of ~3.7 mm. Combined with MDPC-X 17 AWG wire (2.0 mm OD), you have a the minimum necessary diameter of 3.2 mm. With standard wire sizes found on today’s power supplies (16 AWG or 18 AWG between 2.1mm and 2.6mm) in combination with MDPC-X cable sleeves, you will also be in the needed diameter range for our cable combs.

ATTENTION: Our cable combs are sometimes delivered with protective foil on one or both sides of the cable comb. Make sure to peel the protective foil off.

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