Copper-Brown Cable Sleeving MEDIUM 5m

Copper-Brown Cable Sleeving MEDIUM 5m

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  • SL5-SA-CB
Copper-Brown cable sleeving MEDIUM, 5 meters (16.4 feet), for diameters from 5.0 mm to 14.5... more
Product information "Copper-Brown Cable Sleeving MEDIUM 5m"

Copper-Brown cable sleeving MEDIUM, 5 meters (16.4 feet), for diameters from 5.0 mm to 14.5 mm.

MDPC-X Copper-Brown is a brown with a touch of orange, which goes beautifully with copper elements. The specific color mixture results in the most beautiful brown shade in existence: Highly attractive and luxurious. Copper-Brown works extremely well in combination with wood or terracotta and is often used for open cables in apartments too, like network cables, satellite cables and of course HiFi cables. MDPC-X Copper-Brown cable sleeving lets these cables visually melt into the environment. Of course you can combine Copper-Brown cable sleeving with Black, White and all grey shades extremely well. In combination with Vanilla-Sands cable sleeving, Copper-Brown is absolutely magnificent! Copper brown is also the choice if you want to achieve a "retro" look on your designs. Enjoy Copper-Brown indoors or outdoors, in machines or on machines - only limited by your imagination.

  • Detailed information about the specific MDPC MEDIUM cable sleeving properties and typical applications with this size, you find in the CABLE SLEEVING MEDIUM category description.
  • A full description of the general properties, features and advantages of MDPC expandable braided sleeving, you find in the CABLE SLEEVING category description.

Only MDPC is MDPC: The globally unique cable-sleeving, expandable braided sleeving.

  • MDPC cable-sleeving is 100% Made in Germany - including all base-materials for our braided sleeving.
  • Lead-free base-materials. No lead poisoning when inhaling fumes during shrinking / melting of MDPC braided sleeving.
  • 100% Unique color quality in the world of cable-sleeves. MDPC creates the most beautiful, saturated, brilliant and vivid colors.
  • MDPC cable-sleeving colors include Germany's high quality UV stabilizers to protect our cable-sleeving at outdoor use.
  • Highly expandable braided sleeving, perfectly right and not too tight. The universal solution for a wide range of applications.
  • MDPC braided sleeving is made to the highest quality and protective standards of Germany's automotive industry.
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