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  • WI-X17AWG-BK
As thin as possible! Made for MICRO sleeving : Choose our black EXTREME wire 17-AWG / 1.00... more
Product information "EXTREME wire 17-AWG BLACK"

As thin as possible!

Made for MICRO sleeving: Choose our black EXTREME wire 17-AWG / 1.00 mm² with an outer diameter of only 1.7 mm if the last fraction of a millimeter matters for your project. This EXTREME wire is the ultimate choice when it comes to minimizing the outer diameter, while keeping up a maximum of electrical performance. In case you want to create custom sleeved cables for the PCIe-5 12VHPWR connectors, this wire will make it as easy as possible in combination with our MICRO sleeve. This wire is slightly stiffer than our regular 17 AWG wire.

Highest quality tinned copper stranded conductors, a very beautiful high gloss and high heat resistant insulation free of prints and markings, 100% made in Germany!

Use black wire for all dark shade cable sleevings, to support the darkness of these.

Technical Data:

  • Stranded wire
  • Tinned copper
  • Black Copolymer Insulation
  • -45°C to 125°C temperature range. Once braided with MDPC-X cable sleeving it is resistant from -58°C to +155°C. Short term peaks of 215°C can then also be handled without structural degradation
  • Constant operating voltage: 900V, Test voltage 2.500V
  • Electrical resistance per kilometer: max 18.5 Ohm

Attention: Hook-up wire is a relatively heavy item. It can quickly raise the weight based shipping cost to the next level.

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