4-pin FAN Connector by MOLEX

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  • CO-FAN-4
4-pin FAN Connector by MOLEX: These are the original 4-pin FAN connectors manufactured in the... more
Product information "4-pin FAN Connector by MOLEX"

4-pin FAN Connector by MOLEX:

These are the original 4-pin FAN connectors manufactured in the USA by the MOLEX company. MOLEX typically only manufactures a darker blue shade and call it black, but our custom productions are always as black as technically possible. This is manufacturing precision at its best, which you also recognize in every aspect when you work with these 4-pin FAN connectors. Compared to all the no-name ones from China, this is just a different league. They always fit perfectly and go smoothly into the mating connectors. The special short-version guidance "wings" on these FAN connectors will not get in conflict with any heatshrink which is applied over the connector. If you want to own the highest quality in the world of connectors, this is it.

You can use these 4-pin FAN connectors with existing crimp terminals already found on your wire, or you combine them with our original FAN crimp terminals.

It is very easy to remove wires from FAN connectors:

  • You will only need a small screwdriver, scissor, knife or similar small device with a thin tip.
  • Press down the small "flap" on the top of the crimp terminal, which you access through the slots on the wide side of the connector, as shown on the second photo.
  • While the "flap" is pressed down, you pull out the wire. Very simple!
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