White PRE-CUT Heatshrink SMALL 100x

White PRE-CUT Heatshrink SMALL 100x

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  • HS-PC100-WH
100x White pre-cut heatshrink with a 3:1 shrink ratio (before shrinking 6.2 mm / 2.0 mm after... more
Product information "White PRE-CUT Heatshrink SMALL 100x"

100x White pre-cut heatshrink with a 3:1 shrink ratio (before shrinking 6.2 mm / 2.0 mm after shrinking): The length of each pre-cut heatshrink is 15 mm. This package includes 100 pieces (15 mm x 100 pieces = 1.5 meters).

This beautiful bright white pre-cut heatshrink of 15mm length covers the typical application range for MDPC-X SMALL and XTC cable sleeving. You can easily put it over the sleeving without any fiddling and then shrink it down to the typical wire sizes used for cable-sleeving.

Featuring safe overexpansion capabilities, this heatshrink allows for even bigger initial object diameters. With a long nosed plier inserted into the heatshrink to widen the inner diameter, you can easily and safely reach an ID of 9.0 mm - resulting in a shrink ratio of almost 4.5:1!

The sum of its properties makes the whole sleeving process very easy:

  • 3:1 shrink ratio. Over-expanded you can reach a 4.5:1 shrink ratio.
  • Dielectric strength of 22 kV/mm. Shrink temperature (Min) of only 90°C. Constant operating range at temperatures from -60°C to +140°C. Extremely good short term resistance to fire.
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