Cable-Sleeves ORELLO SAMPLES e.002

Cable-Sleeves ORELLO SAMPLES e.002

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  • SL-SP-ORE002
The ORELLO sample pack, Edition 002, published on 12th February 2023. Each cable sleeve in... more
Product information "Cable-Sleeves ORELLO SAMPLES e.002"

The ORELLO sample pack, Edition 002, published on 12th February 2023.

Each cable sleeve in this sample pack has a length of at least 45 centimeters (~1.6 foot). This sample pack includes a random mixture of SMALL or XTC cable sleeves plus one sample of MEDIUM sleeve.

Note: Remember to come back to this product description for color-identification once you have the packs in your hands.

Colors included in this 002 Edition of the ORELLO sample pack:

  1. Lava-Orange
  2. Oxide-Orange
  3. Papaya-Orange
  4. Orange-Carbon
  5. Mellow-Yellow
  6. Area-51

Advice on color identification: Visit the relevant colors for further information and pictures.

This package includes 3 carbon versions, which are easily identified because they are made from 2 components: Orange-Carbon is made from Blackest-Black and Papaya-Orange. Carbon-O-Juice is made from Lava-Orange and Papaya-Orange. Rusty-Rust is made from Oxide-Orange and Copper-Brown.

Lava-Orange is the red-orange shade, extremely glowing at natural daylight influence. Papaya-Orange is a pure light orange, also glowing at natural daylight. Oxide-Orange is the dimmed orange shade. Area-51 can be nicely influenced in its appearance by the cable color underneath. If you use it on white or yellow cables, you get a beautiful neon-yellow. Mellow-Yellow is our regular "MDPC" yellow.

Colors included in the previous (!) edition of this sample pack, which has now been replaced with the current edition:s included in this 001 Edition of the BLUE sample pack:

  1. Rusty-Rust (new)
  2. Carbon-O-Juice (new)
  3. Lava-Orange
  4. Oxide-Orange
  5. Papaya-Orange
  6. Orange-Carbon
  7. Mellow-Yellow
  8. Area-51

MDPC-X: The globally unique cable sleeves.

  • MDPC-X cable sleeve is 100% Made in Germany - including all base-materials for our cable sleeve.
  • Lead-free base-materials. No lead poisoning when inhaling fumes during shrinking / melting of MDPC-X cable sleeve.
  • 100% Unique color quality in the world of cable sleeve. MDPC creates the most beautiful, saturated, brilliant and vivid colors.
  • MDPC-X cable sleeve colors include Germany's high quality UV stabilizers to protect our cable sleeve at outdoor use.
  • MDPC-X cable sleeve is made to the highest quality and protective standards of Germany's automotive industry.
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